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Feb 23, 2020
Category Nr of Riders Total Feet Average/rider
100000 ft 1102790102790
75000 ft 430334275835
50000 ft 1257045747538
25000 ft 1747448527911
15000 ft 1015375515375
7500 ft 5465079301
Total 49 1651336 33701

Total Feet, % of Goal

April Alpina is a personal climbing challenge run along the lines of March Magic. There are 5 goal levels to chose from based fairly accurately on the club's ride tempo ratings, i.e., A-D plus an HC category. Open to club members and nonmembers. To sign up enter your name, password and challenge level in the link up above. Then begin recording your daily elevation gain here in the April Alpina Log, and watch the numbers and the graph grow. Whether you push your climbing a little or a lot this is the perfect program for those who want to improve their climbing ability, strength and and confidence. And for those who thrive when focused on a goal.

Riders without altimeters can still take part in April Alpina, albeit with a bit more work. We have built a Data Base of typical climbs in the area. Many rides post Ride With GPS maps that include total feet of climb. And many times there is someone on a club ride with an altimeter that you can check for a route's elevation gain.

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