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All centuries completed during the year count, whether they're official club centuries, solo rides, or big-event centuries. Any century listed in the club calendar counts as an official club century, even when there is more than one in a given month. Doubles count as two centuries. While the goal is 100 miles, we will accept rides that are close but perhaps two or three miles short, especially if the ride in question is very difficult. It's an honor system: if you're comfortable listing it, that's all that matters.

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Number of Centuries Ridden in 2016
Rider Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Barnypok 0000000000000
Bonnie H. 0110000000002
Brad Biancalana 10000221331316
Bridgette DeShields 0000000010001
dave bringhurst 0100000000001
Del Bogart 01114110100010
Eric LaFranchi 1000000000001
John Sullivan 2010000000003
John Walker 0000000000000
Mark 0000000000000
Rick Sawyer 0010110000003
Robert Morris 00155600320022
Sarah Schroer 13414221014023
TOTAL: 5697141252865382
Green months include at least one century on the SRCC ride list.


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